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Private Healthcare Fire Safety Educators

Specialist Training and Development Services Pty. Ltd. Known as (STADS) is a Specialist Healthcare/Patient Fire Safety Education Organisation. STADS educators deliver fire safety education, resident removal techniques and evacuation exercises to staff members employed in Public and Private Hospitals, Residential Aged Care Health facilities and Community Health establishments, including also, accreditation courses for Healthcare Fire Officers and Wardens.

Private Healthcare Fire Safety Educators » fire safety

STADS has been providing this service to healthcare facilities throughout Australia since 1991. The standard of fire safety training is delivered by ex- professional senior fire service personnel, in accordance to each state and the federal governments, regulative requirements. Our educators are Certificate IV qualified  in Training and Assessment and compliant N.S.W. Accredited Level 2 Fire Safety Managers.

Private Healthcare Fire Safety Educators » fire safety

Fire emergency response training is to be planned and carried out under the direction of a suitably qualified Healthcare Fire Safety Manager.

Staff In-Service Fire Safety is presented as a course of modules over a twelve month period, or as often to ensure that each member of staff attends each phase of the program.  Clients generally request that these modules are presented in a 3 hour block to facilitate staff compliance in one sitting. Alternative arrangements can be made if required.