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Module 3 » evacuation


To simulate a fire emergency, initiating the fire emergency response protocol (RACE) and utilizing one or more of the three stages of evacuation.


Session Content

  • A simulated fire emergency where the training participants will role play “on duty staff” and also “ambulant / semi-ambulant residents”.   
  • The “on duty” staff will be instructed by the facilitator that a fire alarm has sounded within the building and that they need to initiate their emergency response procedures and search for the potential fire. (The “fire” is a flame lamp which has been located earlier by the facilitator).
  • The staff will search for and locate the fire and then initiate the evacuation of the “role playing residents”.
  • The purpose of this exercise is to test the facility’s fire emergency procedures and staff actions.
  • The evacuation exercise is video-taped and then replayed to all staff to critique and discuss.

Please Note: Actual patients / residents are NOT involved in the evacuation exercise.

All video recordings are erased at the completion of each evacuation exercise