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Emergency Coordinator/Warden Training

In accordance with the NSW Department of Health Circular 2010-24 (Fire Safety in Health Care Facilities), we are conducting on-site Chief Warden / Emergency Co-ordinator Trainingfor the staff who have the responsibility to be the Person in Charge in the event of a Fire Emergency.

This training will provide nominated staff with the necessary knowledge to assist them in preparing and responding to emergencies in their capacity as members of the ECO (Emergency Control Organisation), in accordance with AS3745 – Planning for Emergencies Facilities.

This training follows on and compliments the annual Staff Fire Safety / Evacuation training.


  • Describe the workplace Emergency Control Organisation (ECO)
  • Identify ECO personnel and their responsibilities
  • Emergency decision making / chain of command
  • Define a Warden’s Emergency Preventative Role
  • Identify any possible workplace hazards
  • Understand the dangers of fire and smoke
  • Understand the Workplace Emergency Reporting Systems and Record keeping
  • Understand the correct Emergency Response Protocol –RACE (Remove, Alert, Confine, Extinguish) and implementation of Evacuation Procedures
  • Emergency services structure and liaison
  • Identify all portable fire fighting equipment in the workplace (e.g.  fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, fire blankets)
  • Time to be spent at the Fire Panel and EWIS Panel to ensure staff have the necessary skills to interpret, operate and communicate via this specialised equipment
  • Concluding the emergency and post-emergency activities

DURATION:                2 hours

(Minimum of 4 participants required)